My love for baking began at a very young age – earlier than I can remember. This love of mine turned into a hobby and this hobby into a business. “Chloe’s Sweets” began during my fourth grade and featured sour cream pound cakes, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. The business began to evolve as my love for baking grew throughout my elementary and middle school years, but it was not until my freshman year of high school that I established Cake it with Chloe.

In 2019, after finally receiving the long-awaited gift of my very own KitchenAid mixer, I decided to take this fun hobby seriously and grow my business. For Easter I decided to make a cake and film and photograph the process. I uploaded the time-lapse video and pictures to social media, and I decided to create a new Instagram page just to post pictures of my cakes. The time-lapse video made it feel as if the viewers were decorating the cake right there with me, which is why I named the business “Cake it with Chloe.”

I kept promoting my cakes on my social media platforms, and before I knew it I was taking in as many cake orders as I could. I could not have asked for a smoother run for the business, until 2020 when I discovered some health issues. After a nine-month-long journey of countless doctor appointments, I discovered that I am severely gluten intolerant. It is very difficult for any 16-year-old who knows they have to give up the foods they love most, but for a baker to know they cannot eat the products they sell, well, this challenge was not a piece of cake (literally).

While I very easily could have (and, admittedly, I wanted to!) walk away from the cake business, I chose to let this challenge inspire the business to let it be what it is today. After I discovered my gluten intolerance, I also discovered an entire market of individuals with food intolerances. I know how incredibly difficult my journey has been, but I also understand that there are so many others out there who experience the same struggles as I do. I believe that everyone deserves a piece of cake on their birthday, no matter what food intolerance. That is what has inspired the mission to create a space in which everyone can come together and enjoy a piece of cake.

What began as a simple time-lapse video of an Easter cake back in 2019 has now evolved into an office filled with ingredients, a refrigerator (the fridge’s name is Frosty. Frosty the Fridge, in case you were wondering), and I am now known throughout town as “The Girl Who Makes Cakes”. Cake it with Chloe is now a Cottage Foods licensed and award-winning business. As an 18-year-old, I am still doing what 3-year-old Chloe loved to do, baking cakes, and am currently attending Mercer University studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship with plans to further this business. This has only been possible with the support of people in my favorite two red-light town, Ocilla, Georgia. Thank you to everyone who has gone above and beyond to help this business grow!