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Frequently Asked Questions

All cakes are available in either a 6-inch or an 8-inch option. A six-inch cake will feed around 8-12 people. This is also the perfect size to keep as a treat around the house without wasting any cake! An eight-inch cake will feed around 16-20 people. This option is great for holiday festivities or parties!
Some cakes are available to be made as gluten-sensitive if requested. The gluten-sensitive products are made entirely without gluten and processed on separate equipment, but because it is made in the same kitchen as the gluten-containing products it is not guaranteed it is 100% gluten-free. These products are not recommended for those with a gluten allergy as there is a risk of cross-contamination. 
The easiest way to enjoy your cake (in an organized fashion) is to take a knife and find the halfway point on the cake. Without actually cutting the cake, make an indent in the frosting so there is a line dividing the two halves of the cake. Next, rotate the cake 90 degrees and repeat the previous step. Now, you should have four equal sections of the cake. Within each section, equally cut your slices of cake (3-4 slices per section for a 6-inch cake, and 4-5 slices per section for an 8-inch cake), and enjoy!